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My Happy Place: Thanksgiving Edition Updates | Chaz’s Journal

Aidan Sheahan – “Insight” from Vital Films on Vimeo. His dad Casey was an extraordinary role model for Aidan through…

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Beans movie review & film summary (2021)

Co-written by director Deer and Meredith Vuchnich, the life of Beans is shown at a pivotal, tense time in Canadian…

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The Blazing World movie review (2021)

“The Blazing World” only vaguely draws inspiration from Margaret Cavendish’s book of the same title. The book’s main idea, that…

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Visionary Deathloop Plays with Gaming Structure and Expectations | Video Games

You step into the shoes of the tough-talking Colt, an assassin who has been caught in a time loop on an…

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